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The greatest benefit of being an IDI shareholder is unquantifiable. It is the ability to share best practices and challenges with a network of companies like your own. This is not our assessment. It comes from IDI shareholders! READ MORE


Negotiating industry leading rebate programs with best-in-class MRO manufacturers and vendors is a hallmark of the IDI business model. IDI shareholder rebates lower member acquisition costs, boost your bottom line and help you compete with the national chains. READ MORE

Distribution Centre

IDI consolidates shareholder purchases through seamless re-distribution. Shareholders get exclusive access to the 21,000 square foot IDI Distribution Centre for cost-saving group buying opportunities. READ MORE

Private Label Program

Branded product acquisition costs put independents at a disadvantage compared to the national chains. Independents often can’t always acquire the products they need, and even when they do so inventory acquisition ties up cash. At IDI we’ve helped solve that problem by building a brand the national chains can’t buy. It’s called Tuff Grade. READ MORE

IDI Connects

The IDI e-commerce platform delivers substantial efficiencies to the shareholder purchasing process. And, through our e-commerce platform, IDI members also get access to dozens of vendors who share transactions savings as rebates. READ MORE

Catalogues & Electronic Database

IDI takes the complexity out of catalogues. We recognized the generational shift from paper to electronic and introduced the IDI Centralized Electronic Product Database. Access to this IDI Database offers shareholders a huge competitive advantage. READ MORE


We help you maximize your vendor co-op dollars. Most IDI shareholders do not have the resources to plan, execute and collect the funds to which they are entitled. We can keep unclaimed funds out of vendor’s pockets and re-direct them to you. This is another competitive edge IDI delivers it shareholders. READ MORE

Buy Sell Program

Most independent distributors to the industrial market buy from or sell to their competitors. This ‘find and fetch’ service helps differentiate the independents from the national chains. But it’s an expensive point of difference. At IDI, we offer a better way. READ MORE

Central Pay

Through the IDI Central Pay Program shareholders are eligible for incremental payment discounts and significant administrative savings. This is another way that IDI helps shareholders and vendors decrease transactional costs and boost efficiencies. READ MORE

Business Service Programs

IDI has over 20 business cost savings programs covering the products and services you purchase in order to operate your distributorship, from stationery to couriers. One more example of the value of IDI group buying power working for our members. READ MORE

National Accounts

Do you fear that last minute call from a long-standing customer informing you that they are issuing an RFP for an integrated supplier agreement? It likely means one thing: the business is being switched to a national chain. As an IDI shareholder, you have access to the resources that protect your business against sudden setbacks. READ MORE

Retained Equity

IDI is not simply a company. It is a co-operative enterprise owned by its shareholders each of which is allocated a financial investment in the company based on their annual usage of IDI programs and services. Membership in IDI pays off! READ MORE


Shareholder networking is a huge member benefit delivered by IDI. We hold two excellently administered shareholder conferences each year, in January and June. Enthusiastically supported, they are designed to update our members on IDI performance, improve shareholder business practices, and build relationships between industry leaders. READ MORE

Value Card

As an IDI shareholder we give you a mechanism to measure and quantify the annual value you receive from IDI, based on your participation in our cost-saving programs and efficiency enhancing initiatives. Our Rebate Tracker and Value Card are both excellent examples of how we save you money. READ MORE

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