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IDI Distribution Centre


We consolidate your purchases through re-distribution.

It is the natural evolution of many purchasing co-operatives to further streamline the supply chain by adding a central distribution facility to their bundle of services. IDI is no exception and was the first industrial group in Canada to open a distribution centre.

Our 15,000 square foot IDI Distribution Centre (DC) opened for business in Mississauga in 1997. It was expanded to 21,000 square feet in 2003.

The IDI DC is accessible to IDI shareholders only, and serves three main purposes:

  • Stocking branded and consigned lines for shareholders that do not deal directly with the respective vendor

  • Serving as a landing dock for volume group-buys negotiated for our shareholders

  • Stocking IDI’s Tuff Grade private label, and other import lines that IDI carries

Every IDI shareholder takes advantage of the IDI DC, most on a weekly basis. Shareholders enjoy the convenience of ordering products from multiple vendors, all on one invoice. Co-operatives are not profit-driven businesses; thus, IDI’s DC margins are set as aggressively as possible, based only on generating the capital needed to run the DC, and fund future inventory expansion. When you combine our aggressive volume-based re-distribution deals with the slim margins we operate on, IDI shareholders enjoy far better acquisition costs than they can negotiate on their own, and without having to tie up cash by taking on extra inventory!

IDI’s shareholders believe in the benefits of centralized re-distribution, where it makes sense.

Economies of scale drive cost out of the IDI DC, resulting in even lower margins required to distribute products to our shareholders.

And IDI’s user-friendly freight policy ships all orders greater than $100 prepaid to any shareholder’s door – head office or branch – anywhere in Canada. This greatly simplifies accounting at our shareholders, as they do not have to worry about adding in a freight component to IDI’s product costs.


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