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Central Pay


We streamline your vendor payments.

Another way that IDI helps shareholders and vendors to decrease transactional costs is in the area of payables. The premise is straight-forward: if a vendor sells to 50 IDI shareholders, then they are collecting and reconciling a minimum of 600 cheques per year to support this business. Showing vendors how the IDI office can reduce this to 12 cheques per year represents a significant reduction in their administrative overhead!

IDI Central Pay is a stream-lined service to vendors that allows them to share administrative efficiencies with our shareholders in the form of payment discounts. You get the invoice. IDI gets the statement. When IDI invoices our shareholders for Central Pay vendors, the payment discount is factored into the invoice amount, so that the shareholder receives the benefit immediately. These benefits add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of discounts annually for IDI shareholders!

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