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There are few, if any, markets in Canada where the survival of the local independent – the true entrepreneur – is not being threatened by the national, publically-traded competitors. The irony of this is that every market in Canada was built by these very same independents... and the Industrial MRO distribution market in Canada is no exception. Without independent distributors, the end-user suffers from lack of purchasing options. You are visiting this site because you are one of those entrepreneurs. And through IDI, you have an option on how to compete with the national chains, while preserving your company’s independence!

IDI was established in 1981 by four distributors just like you. They banded together to increase their purchasing power with suppliers, and to gain access to lines that were difficult to access on their own – challenges that continue to impede independent distributors more than 30 years later.

Since our inception in 1981, IDI has grown to approximately 100 shareholder members, representing more than $1.1 billion in revenues and close to $800 million in purchasing power. Our business model services independent industrial MRO distributors in four key sectors: Industrial, Safety, Power Transmission/Bearings, and Fluid Power.

Perhaps more important than what IDI is, is what IDI is not. IDI is not a buying group... we are a true business co-operative, owned by our shareholder members. Shareholders, and only shareholders, make the decisions at IDI, and derive 100% of the benefits from IDI. Everything we attain channels back to companies like yours.

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