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We help you maximize your vendor co-op dollars.

How efficient do you feel your company is utilizing the marketing dollars your vendors make available to you? If you are like many IDI shareholders you are, at best, collecting 50% of what you’re entitled to – you simply do not have the resources to plan, execute, and collect the funds that you’re entitled to.

So, where do the unclaimed funds go? Back into the vendor’s pockets, or perhaps to the National Chains, trying to “over-collect” their share. Regardless, they are not going to you!

This is the very reason IDI developed our Annual Marketing Plan (AMP) program in 2011. Totally optional for IDI shareholders and vendors, the AMP program involves participating shareholders meeting with vendors at the beginning of a calendar year to estimate the available funds, and to pre-plan utilization of those funds using a co-op activity checklist that IDI tailored for each participating vendor.

The benefits to our shareholders are that the AMP program forces them to plan their marketing efforts with certain vendors at the beginning of the year for the entire year, rather than piecing it together during the year. And it is each vendor’s account representative that manages the execution of the plan with them – the shareholder simply makes sure that they implement all planned activities, and they automatically receive their fund entitlement through IDI!

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