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We build relationhips between industry leaders.

Shareholder networking is a core benefit provided by the co-operative, and IDI holds two shareholder conferences each year to bring shareholders together. In addition, IDI has legislative obligations that require us to formally update our shareholders on the company’s performance, as IDI shareholders have full and transparent access into the financial operations of the co-operative.

The IDI Shareholder Conference, held in June, alternates between being held in Toronto and Montreal. It is the mandatory meeting for all IDI shareholders. This three day meeting is highlighted by the following events:

  • IDI Mart – a half-day trade show where IDI shareholders place orders with IDI-approved vendors based on the deep discount show specials offered

  • Supplier Summit – a day of 16 scheduled planning sessions with IDI-approved vendors for the purpose of setting mutual goals for the upcoming year

  • Annual vendor appreciation awards

  • Vertical meetings – specific break-out sessions for each IDI vertical – Industrial, Safety, Power Transmission/Bearings, and Fluid Power

The Fall IDI Shareholder Conference, held in October, alternates between different locations in eastern and western Canada. It is an optional meeting for IDI shareholders. This meeting attracts the shareholders with the highest engagement levels in IDI. While the purpose of the June conference is all about shareholder and vendor connections, the October conference theme is devoted to shareholders working with shareholders, and includes the following highlights:

  • Guest speakers related to improving shareholder businesses

  • Breakout workshops

  • Shareholder networking sessions – best-practice sharing, problem-solving, etc. – if you are having a problem in your business, chances are there is another IDI shareholder that has already overcome that problem, and can help you do the same

  • Vertical meetings, as in the June conference

  • Shareholder Awards and Rebate Disbursement

The October conference does not involve IDI-approved vendors, and has a much more social theme to it, with many shareholders bringing their wives and families. Yes, in IDI, our co-operative “family” truly involves the families of our shareholders!

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