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We lower your acquisition costs.

Negotiating industry-leading rebate programs with best-in-class MRO manufacturers and vendors is a hallmark of the IDI business model. Rebates are vitally important to IDI shareholders, as they protect true acquisition costs and can generally be taken straight to the distributor’s bottom line.

That is what allows them to compete on a level playing field with the National Chains.

In IDI, the vendors’ rebate contributions – in other words, the shareholders’ earnings – are not part of the funding model for the co-operative. IDI shareholders received 100% of their rebates from IDI’s approved vendors, and return just 5% of those rebates to help fund the co-op, so that 95% of the shareholder’s rebate dollars flow directly to their bottom line!

Unlike many other co-operatives and “buying groups”, IDI shareholders enjoy 100% transparency into the negotiated programs with IDI-approved vendors. The structure of each program is unique to its respective vendor, and shareholders have access to the complete financial details of each program in a secure portion of the IDI website.

But rebates are merely one way to meet the ultimate objective of IDI: best product acquisition cost for our shareholders from our approved vendor partners. After all, every branch of a National Chain receives the same cost as the other branches, irrespective of their size or their support of the vendor – why should IDI’s shareholders be treated any differently? IDI devotes a great deal of effort towards forging relationships with our approved vendors so that they extend a homogenized discount structure to all shareholders, regardless of the shareholder’s size.

IDI also realizes that there are certain instances where a rebate is not the ideal manner in which to extend a negotiated concession from a vendor to the shareholder. In such cases, it is those shareholders dealing with the respective vendor that determine whether or not they need the concession in the form of a discount, rather than a rebate, in order to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

IDI is not driven by rebates – we are driven by best program acquisition cost, and by how our shareholders need the benefit distributed!

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