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Value Card


We quantify your benefits.

One of the cornerstones of the high level of engagement that IDI shareholders maintain with the co-operative is the sophisticated reporting that IDI provides that allow them to measure, and build on, the actual value of the benefits they receive from IDI throughout the year.

IDI’s Rebate Tracker is an excellent example of such reporting. Located in the secure area of the IDI website, each shareholder’s personalized Rebate Tracker shows: their year-to-date purchases from each IDI-approved vendor, a comparison of their extrapolated results for each vendor versus the previous year, and their extrapolated total year-end rebates based on their individual +/or the group’s purchase growth with each vendor. Rebate Tracker is updated on a monthly basis, with plans in place to begin providing updates in “real time”, based on each shareholder’s most recent vendor purchases.

Rebate Tracker is a vital reporting tool for IDI shareholders and vendors, and the IDI office, as it highlights opportunities for the shareholders to take advantage of certain year-end buys that drive them, or the group, to higher rebate tiers with select vendors.

But, as we have emphasized already, rebates are not IDI’s only value proposition – far from it!

And that is where the IDI Value Card comes into play. Created in 2008 so that IDI would be able to quantify the annual value each shareholder receives from IDI, it is based on their individual participation in IDI’s programs and initiatives.

Along with viewing their final rebates earned, shareholders also see the tangible value derived from IDI in such areas as their DC purchases (both branded and import lines), purchases from other shareholders, National Account contracts, IDI Connects compliance, Central Pay discounts, etc. – a total of 12 different areas that comprise the true value that IDI provides to their business!

Shareholders also receive the aggregate Value Card for the group, and can benchmark their own Value Card results to discover certain areas they are not taking advantage of within the IDI network.

The IDI Value Card consistently shows that the average IDI shareholder receives back more than 15 times their annual dues in benefits from participating in the co-operative!

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