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We bring best-in-class distributors and vendors together through participation in two major conferences each year. These conferences are highly cost-effective forums for our vendors to interact with IDI member shareholders, and deliver an incomparable networking opportunity. READ MORE

IDI Connects

The IDI e-commerce platform delivers increased efficiency and increased sales volumes to the shareholder/vendor purchasing process. Through IDI Connects, everything from purchase orders and order acknowledgements, to error reports and tracking, are managed seamlessly. Distributors easiest to transact with generate more sales! READ MORE


IDI takes the complexity out of catalogues. We recognized the generational shift from paper to electronic and introduced the IDI Centralized Electronic Product Database. Our dedicated team collects and manages data from hundreds of vendors, giving our member shareholders instant access to your products. READ MORE


IDI is notable for our transparent communication to both shareholder members and vendors, through such proprietary systems as IDI Rebate Tracker and the IDI Value Card. These are the cornerstones of the high level of engagement IDI approved vendors enjoy through our organization. READ MORE

IDI Distribution Centre

Through the IDI Distribution Centre, we provide a powerful platform that enables our vendors broaden their reach to all IDI shareholder members. Now vendors can service IDI shareholder members – large and small – on a weekly basis. READ MORE

National Accounts

Most independent distributors fear that last minute call from a long-standing customer informing them that they are issuing an RFP for an integrated supplier agreement. It likely means one thing: the business is being switched to a national chain. Relax. As an IDI vendor, you have access to the resources that protect your vendor relationships against sudden setbacks. READ MORE


As a vendor, how efficiently do you feel your company’s co-op marketing dollars are utilized by your distributors? Through the IDI Annual Marketing Plan (AMP) we help you track and maximize the value you get from your marketing dollars invested with our member shareholders. READ MORE

Central Pay

Through the IDI Central Pay Program shareholder members and vendors are eligible for incremental payment discounts and significant administrative savings. This is another way that IDI helps vendors decrease transactional costs and boost efficiencies. READ MORE

Business Service Programs

IDI has over 20 business cost savings programs covering the products and services both shareholder member and vendors purchase in order to operate their business, from stationery to couriers. One more example of the value of IDI group buying power working for you. READ MORE


At IDI, we support vendor programs designed to train distributors on your various product lines. We help distributors sell your products through education programs, including vendor-hosted Webinars and support – we ensure that the vendor’s desired member shareholders attend the event. READ MORE

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