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We support your efforts to train our shareholders.

IDI recognizes the challenge that our approved vendors face when competing for the time and attention of distributor sales personnel to focus on your product lines. We subscribe to the theory held by many vendors today that the best way for your products to “stand out” amongst the hundreds of lines represented by the average distributor sales rep is: education.

In order for a distributor to grow your business with them, their sales personnel must be selling your products, not merely taking orders for them. IDI reinforces to our shareholders that our best-in-class vendor partners have a myriad of complimentary electronic and paper resources available for them to further invest in the quality of their sales personnel.

Earlier in the brochure, we described how you can take advantage of the IDI AMP program to focus our shareholders on the value of your training resources. The IDI head office also offers our approved vendors the opportunity to hold on-site educational seminars for our shareholders in our training centre in Mississauga, Ontario. This spacious venue is completely outfitted with multimedia technology and conference call capabilities, and the location is easily accessible for many IDI shareholders.

But our fine country is a large one, often not practically lending itself to face-to-face sessions for your large-scale events, key product launches, etc. In cases such as this, IDI works with our approved vendors to organize our shareholders for vendor-hosted Webinars, with IDI providing support through ensuring that the vendor’s desired shareholders are represented at the event.

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