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Business Service Programs

We can help you cut your operational costs.

So far, you have been introduced to the many ways that IDI benefits our suppliers whose products are purchased and re-sold by our shareholders. But what about the products and services that our shareholders and vendor partners purchase in order to operate their businesses?

Our Business Service Programs, like our many preferred-vendor programs, aggregate the vast purchasing power of the group to drive savings for our shareholders in cost centres such as Courier (both ground and LTL), Office Supplies, Gasoline purchases, and Merchant Services, to name just a few of our more than 20 relationships in this area.

IDI shareholders and vendor partners derive great value from these programs, and are able to initiate business conversions to our approved Business Services vendors very easily, as these decisions are internal and do not involve end-user preferences. 

IDI’s Business Services Programs are extended to all IDI approved vendor partners, thereby offering our Business Service vendors an even greater opportunity to expand their sales volumes, while adding a further benefit to our relationships with all of our other approved vendors.

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