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Electronics & Print Catalogues

We take the complexity out of catalogues.

The global marketplace is currently in the midst of an unprecedented generational shift from “paper to electronic” – the end-users that insisted on paper catalogues for reference are leaving the workforce, and are being replaced by a new age of buyers that were born with a “mouse in their hands”.

The driver to any catalogue – paper or electronic – is data. The process for the independent distributor to create a catalogue – paper or electronic – is very onerous, both from a time and financial perspective. Collecting data from hundreds of vendors takes months or years, and once it is finally received, it then needs to be “scrubbed” in order to fit their data storage template. And once they have collected the final data from the last vendor, the data collected from the initial vendors has already become stale.

The reality is that your independent distributors struggle with the challenge of being able to market your products to their customers through this form of media. But IDI makes this possible for them!

IDI recognized the “paper to electronic” movement, and the data collection challenges of our shareholders, in 2007 when we created our IDI Centralized Electronic Database. The concept is simple: one data team collecting/scrubbing/maintaining electronic, imaged, content-rich product data from hundreds of vendors, comprising hundreds of thousands of SKU’s – all on behalf of the entire co-operative. This means that IDI comes to you for data once rather than you having to do this repetitively every time a distributor is building or updating a catalogue.

The IDI Electronic Database is accessible to IDI shareholders only, allowing them to efficiently achieve the following major initiatives without concerns for time or cost:

  • Paper catalogue production – close to 40 of IDI’s shareholders band together every four years to produce the IDI paper catalogue – 2,000 pages, 200 vendors, and over 180,000 part numbers

  • Customer-specific electronic punch-out catalogues

  • Shareholder-specific electronic catalogues – for public browsing, or with logon credentials so end-users can place orders electronically

  • Internal creation of shareholder-branded promotional flyers

The end result is that IDI offers our shareholders accessibility to this critical means of marketing your products, and drawing on less of your internal resources to do so.

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