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There are few, if any, markets in Canada where the survival of the local independent – the true entrepreneur – is not being threatened by the national, publically-traded competitors. The irony of this is that every market in Canada was built by these very same independents… and the Industrial MRO distribution market in Canada is no exception. Think about it. In the very beginning, who built your brand in the marketplace? It was the independents… independents like the shareholders of IDI.

IDI was established in 1981 by four visionary independent distributors. Since our inception, IDI has grown to approximately 100 shareholder members, representing more than $1.1 billion in revenues and close to $800 million in purchasing power. Our business model services independent industrial MRO distributors in four key sectors: Industrial, Safety, Power Transmission/Bearings, and Fluid Power.

Perhaps more important than what IDI is, is what IDI is not. IDI is not a “buying group” – buying groups take vendor incentives out of the MRO Supply Channel. IDI is a true business co-operative, whereby IDI’s shareholders have devoted their own resources to finance an entity that ensures that 100% of our vendors’ contributions flow directly to the shareholders. This keeps them competitive,and it ensures their continued support for your products.

How can IDI help you build your relationships with our shareholders? The many “layers” to that answer lie in the contents of this package, but to summarize it in a word: “exposure”. IDI shareholdersreward vendors that recognize their co-operative by, in turn, supporting those vendors: on average, 30-35% of the IDI shareholders’ collective annual spend goes through IDI-approved vendors. IDI creates annual forums – our conferences – where vendors can interact, network, and build relationships with IDI shareholders. And IDI represents a marketing hub whereby vendors can efficiently reach our shareholders with targeted promotions, product launches, and more.

IDI wishes to commend your company for supporting the independent distributor, because without independents, the end-user, and the vendor, would suffer from a lack of options in the marketplace. We hope you will take the time to review the contents of this website to acquaint yourself with the many areas that IDI benefits our vendors. We're certain you will see why IDI’s shareholders are exactly as our tag line denotes:

Independent. Connected. Strong.

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