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We help you maximize your co-op dollars.

How efficiently do you feel your company’s co-op marketing dollars are utilized by your distributors? Do you get tired of paying funds for golf balls, or coffee mugs? How much time do you spend internally reviewing, processing, and occasionally arguing over, claims for co-op funds each year? And how satisfied are you with the reality that many of your distributors do not even take advantage of this valuable tool that you provide for them?

This is the very reason IDI developed our AMP (Annual Marketing Plan) program in 2011. Totally optional for IDI shareholders and vendors, the AMP program involves participating shareholders meeting with participating vendors at the beginning of a calendar year to estimate the available funds, and to pre-plan utilization of those funds using a co-op “activity checklist” that you prepare with the assistance of IDI, tailored to the actions and activities that you derive value from.

The benefits to our vendors are that the AMP program incents our shareholders to plan their marketing efforts with certain vendors at the beginning of the year for the entire year, rather than piecing it together during the year. And it is your account representatives that manage the execution of the plan with each shareholder, keeping them on track – the shareholder simply makes sure that they implement all planned activities, and at the end of the year your account representative confirms their completion of activities, and entitlement to funds.

Planning at the right time, and removing administrative cost from the system, is what our AMP program aims to achieve, allowing our vendors to maximize the value they derive from their marketing dollars!

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