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Mission Statement


Our Mission.

The mission of IDI is to advance the success of its independent corporate shareholders and to work in harmony with them towards the continuation of the success of the independent in a free enterprise system.

Our Objectives.

Continue to bring benefits to all major stakeholders of IDI – members, suppliers, customers and staff.

Continue expanding IDI membership throughout Canada.

Obtain recognition that IDI members offer suppliers their most effective channel of distribution.

Secure for IDI the best prices, rebates, terms, advertising allowances and other considerations, equal to the best offered in the marketplace.

Expand services offered to become more of a full service organization.

Maintain IDI inter-member marketing programs to include volume purchasing, inventory exchange, cataloguing and promotional material.

Develop an effective organizational structure to enable IDI management to expand its leadership role.

Continue to respond to market changes that demand new products and innovative purchasing techniques.

It is to these principles and objectives that each shareholder company of IDI pledges its support.

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