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National Accounts

We work with you to secure large end-user business.

Many independent distributors know, and fear, the “Friday afternoon call”: a valued, long-standing customer with multiple sites across the country calls and advises that their Head Office is issuing an RFP for an integrated supplier agreement. This means the customer will be soon converting their business, likely reluctantly, to one of the National Chains.

And what options is the independent distributor left with? Walk away, or commence a new strategy of trying to “back-door” a national supply agreement – neither of which do justice to the relationship they had nurtured with that customer over many years.

But in IDI, our shareholders, and their large nationally based customers, have another option!

IDI’s National Account department offers a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace for nationally-based customers: IDI provides the administrative efficiencies required by their customer’s Head Office, while their sites can continue doing business with individual entrepreneurs who are involved in the day-to-day operation of their businesses – a structure unmatched by any other entity in the Canadian marketplace.

By assembling shareholder teams to service each customer location, IDI creates a branch network like the National Chains offer, except that IDI can tailor each site’s specific requirements to the strengths of a choice of local shareholders. We technologically support each National Account shareholder team with a sophisticated back-end system that can: create electronic punch-out catalogues for site-specific order-entry, centralize billing to Head Offices, report dashboard cost-savings progress, staff store rooms, and much, much more!

How do IDI’s approved vendors benefit from our shareholders’ investment in our National Account department? During the quoting process, IDI shareholder teams typically focus on IDI vendors as viable substitute products when a vendor’s competitor’s products are specified in the RFP. And once contracts have been awarded to IDI, shareholder teams partner with IDI vendors to create end-user cost savings through diverting the customer’s spend to our vendor partners’ product lines.

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